E65 :: Gianluca Callara & The Art of Finding Your Creative Flow

  • by Ania Marcos
An advocate of being one with nature, a certified horticulturist and a champion of creative flow as inspired by everything that surrounds us; Gianluca is indeed an artist with a lot of layers. Pretty much the same as his beautiful realistic floral creations.

Tune in to our conversation as we deep dive on :
  • How to let go of emotional clutter through scribbles and how it can help with decisiveness and give you clarity;
  • Getting around the feeling of being stuck;
  • Finding your creative sacred space and being in the zone;
  • How to draw and paint intuitively;
  • How to navigate through creative entrepreneurship;
  • How to become the best version of yourself.

Listen to Gianluca's interview:

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>> Watch on Youtube to see Gianluca and Jhesy



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