E66 :: Camila Picheco & How to Pursue Art Amidst Challenges

E66 :: Camila Picheco & How to Pursue Art Amidst Challenges

Camila Picheco is a multi-hyphenate artist with a journey centered in perseverance and heart to succeed. Her drive to invest in her craft regardless of challenges faced, paved a way for her to live out the life she'd always dreamt of. Camila believes in fighting for your goals and not allowing circumstances to dictate your path.

Listen as we discuss :

  • Investing in yourself to pursue your creative goals.
  • Curating your portfolio and choosing the right platform to showcase your works.
  • Navigating through challenges and how to overcome them
  • How being your true self will lead you to discover your inner strengths
  • Why instagram likes don't translate to art revenue
  • How to Identify moments to niche down and stay relevant.

    Listen to Camila's interview:

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