Introducing Make More Art

Introducing Make More Art


Exciting news: we're launching a podcast!!

Here's our 90 second trailer:

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As you know, Etchr is all about putting more art into the world. From art bags to sketchbooks, we've been creating high quality art supplies to help artists create. We also have frequent blog posts with art tips, and we even started our own workshops (exciting news coming soon!) to bring you more...

...but what else can we do? What other ways can we help you overcome the oh-so-familiar art struggles that haunt us all the time?

That's when this idea came alive!

Introducing, 'Make More Art' - a new podcast where I interview fellow artists to find out their best tips, how they overcame their biggest art challenges and how you can do the same.

We need your help!

The show is coming alive on June 29th! Please help us make some noise by giving us a 5 star rating and downloading all 4 episodes.

The show is LIVE:


- Ânia

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A bit late but going to binge on the pods!

Jama L Rahn

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