E10 ::  Hannah Mosley & Powering Through Self-Doubt

E10 :: Hannah Mosley & Powering Through Self-Doubt

Hannah Mosley is an award winning British illustrator and author, AND a full time tattoo artist. However, her career path and passion weren’t always clear...

Join us today as we talk about:

  • Giving yourself permission to suck at art - and how to keep going;
  • Dealing with rejection;
  • Breaking in the tattoo industry;
  • …and Hannah’s tip to figuring out if your art is heading in the right direction!

Listen to Hannah's interview:

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...check out the tattoo Hannah mentioned in the interview:



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It's not always a straight line...

Hannah talks about how common it is to “zig-zag” through your career as you’re figuring things out.

What about you? How has your path been?

- Ânia

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