E112 :: Jared Cullum & Harness the Power of Storytelling in Art

E112 :: Jared Cullum & Harness the Power of Storytelling in Art

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and suddenly, a flood of emotions creeps in and you’re transported to memory or you started to build these stories in your head about what the piece is about. That is the power of storytelling in art.
I’d like to borrow a quote from Steve Jobs when he said that the most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. And research shows that Telling a story is 22 times more memorable than simply stating the facts. Stories are the things that connect us to one another.
In this week’s episode, we are chatting with Jared Cullum, an award-winning artist, author, and storyteller whose journey is filled with peaks and valleys, stories that would usher you into pursuing your creative passion. From rejection to redirection to finding his niche and the ability to tell stories through colors, shapes, light, and shadows. This is undoubtedly an episode packed with lessons, tips, and techniques to inspire you to keep on creating.
Join us as we dive into :
  • How to navigate through the Nos and carry on with your passion
  • Consistency and persistence and why you don’t need technical skills to draw or paint
  • A key tip to getting better at drawing
  • Why it is important to learn from the past through art history
  • Tips and techniques to master storytelling through your art toolkit

            Listen to Jared's interview:


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