E113:: The Satchel that Started it All - Make More Art 2nd Year Anniversary

E113:: The Satchel that Started it All - Make More Art 2nd Year Anniversary

Pop the bottles, and fill up the glasses because a celebration is certainly in order. This is an extra special episode for several reasons :
1. Make More Art is in its second year
2. We have the founders of Etchr to give us a rundown of the Etchr Origin Story
So pull up your seat, get cozy and join the conversation as we dive into :
  • The narrative behind the Etchr Brand
  • Why we ventured into a learning platform
  • The Satchel that started it all.
  • Thought process behind Etchr Studio and Etchr Lab. Why do we even need two?
  • How the community played a big role in the Etchr brand
  • What’s up ahead for Etchr
Have you been toying with an idea to start something? Then, this is probably your sign to go after an idea, push through with it and overcome your fear of trying.
Press play on this episode because it is filled with life lessons, and hacks to get you started. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share this episode.

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