E119 :: Jocelyn Benford & Breaking the Rules in Watercolor

E119 :: Jocelyn Benford & Breaking the Rules in Watercolor

Our multi-hyphenate guest recently made a life-changing decision. Art and creativity have been a part of Jocelyn’s life and are evident in her professional endeavors. An actress, teacher, and now an artist.
What started as a hobby during the pandemic became a lifestyle and one that will change the course of her life forever. 
As a teacher of 21 years, one would expect that she’s all about rules and abiding by them. But, in my conversation with Jocelyn, she shared the importance of going against the current and letting your curiosity take the front seat.
Tune in as we talk about :
  • Consistency and why it is a powerful tool for beginners.
  • Breaking rules and finding creative solutions in art
  • A secret technique to fast-track finding your art style.
  • Challenging the norm and allowing your inner artist shines through.
          Listen to Jocelyn's interview:


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