E118 :: Brenda Swenson & Finding Your Art Voice and Silencing Negative Talk

  • by Ania Marcos
An artist with a fascination for old trucks. A certainly odd combo but for Brenda Swenson, her old trucks became a pivotal force in finding her creative voice.
Her story will inspire you to believe in your gifts. To embrace the negative voice and use it to work in your favor. She’s a force in the art world as an artist, teacher, juror, and respected practitioner of watercolor evidenced by the countless recognition and exhibits under her belt.
Want to learn more? Then tune in as we dive into :
  • Basic essentials to get you started in sketching
  • The secret to finding your own style
  • Why light is an important element of your painting
  • Finding art and beauty in imperfections
  • Pressing the reset button to establish focus
  • The Art of Illustrated journal
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