E117 :: Keren Tamir & Turning the Page and Switching Lanes in Art

  • by Ania Marcos
Switching mediums and creative preferences can be trivial for a lot of people.  For others, the shift can be drastic while some may take longer veering away in an attempt to avoid making mistakes.
Our guest artist Keren Tamir knows exactly what that feeling is like and how you can align your purpose by switching lanes and embracing imperfections.
Mixed media art and art journaling have taught her to embrace impermanence and to celebrate the freedom of creating without restrictions.
Learn more about Keren and her story in this episode. We’ve talked about :
  • The difference between scrapbooking and art journaling
  • Art as a tool to safeguard our wellbeing 
  • Why it’s okay to shift and switch passions in art
  • Finding balance in your mixed media composition
  • Embracing imperfections and finding the freedom to create
        Listen to Keren's interview:


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