E90 :: Kailene Falls & Gastronomical Art Experience (Part 1)

E90 :: Kailene Falls & Gastronomical Art Experience (Part 1)

Our interview was so good this week that we split it into two parts. Kailene Falls is our multi-hyphenate, bilingual artist living a charmed life in Tokyo, Japan. She is a seasoned illustrator who has worked with some of the big names in the food industry. Kailene found her niche doing art and television in her adopted country.

In Part One, Kailene shares:

  • Exploring different media to find your niche
  • Curating your style, brand, and techniques through practice and consistency
  • Pursuing your passion through determination and persistence
  • Why digital art is an excellent foundation for beginners

    Listen to Kailene's interview:

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