E108 :: Katarzyna Kmiecik & How to Learn a New Art Skill

E108 :: Katarzyna Kmiecik & How to Learn a New Art Skill

Katarzyna started art at a pretty young age. And even though she didn’t have anyone within her circle who was vested in arts; she and her siblings have been blessed with artistic gifts.

Kate has a knack for learning and unlearning new things. And thought of a way to celebrate those learning by sharing them with a wider audience. And I’m so eager to learn more about her techniques in picking up skills faster than the others.

We’re diving into :

  • How she knew she was ready to do full-time
  • The mindset that propelled her to push through with watercolor
  • Key and actionable steps to create light in your landscapes
  • What her “wild first layer” is all about and
  • Her advice on how to keep on learning when you feel like quitting.

      Listen to Kate's interview:


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