E107 :: Tatiana Melnikova & Redefining Art Explorations and Passion

  • by Ania Marcos

This week we’re talking with artist Tatiana Melnikova. A master in productivity and finding balance amongst things; she’s a mom to a 2-week-old baby, a teacher of the Russian language by day, and a true blue artist 24/7

Her journey is truly inspiring. She’s made difficult choices and faced detours. And for that, this is surely an episode you don’t want to miss

In this episode Tatiana talks about :

  • Creating and making art regardless of medium
  • Pursuing Creative Entrepreneurship and how you should price your works.
  • Easy and fun steps to drawing oranges using a pencil
  • Play of light and space in drawing
  • Why making mistakes can be a really good thing.

    Listen to Tatiana's interview:


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