E109 :: Stephen Travers & Why You Should Start Pursuing Art Now

E109 :: Stephen Travers & Why You Should Start Pursuing Art Now

Society dictates that we should have accomplished something at a certain timeline or at a certain age. But for our guest artist,  Stephen Travers, discovering art at a time that others might perceive as “late” turns out to be the start of a great adventure that will lead to a world of teaching, drawing, and a community that supports his passion through and through.
I am thrilled to have him on board. It’s a privilege to interview someone who has been a positive force in the art community through the power of social media.
In this conversation we’re exploring :
  • The critical moment that sets him on a new art path
  • How to overcome your love and hate relationship with art
  • His personal tip to get better at drawing or painting
  • A foundational step to get you committed to art
  • Why Social Media is an ally

        Listen to Stephen's interview:


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