E87 :: Renee Walden & Taking The Slower Route to Pursue your Passion

  • by Ania Marcos

20 years, 2 decades may sound like a really long time to pursue a passion but for our guest artist, Renee Walden; it was filled with many creative endeavors, teaching stint and continuous learning.  Her fascination for making things and the great outdoors; became her catalyst to travel,  do plein air and teach art. 

In this episode, Renee dropped some truth bombs :

  • Why determination pays off more than talent
  • Having a good support system is a push that will keep you going
  • Taking risks and making things 
  • Getting yourself a mentor is an excellent idea
  • Why painting outdoors ( plein air ) is an avenue for human connection
  • Taking detours and savoring the time to learn can be your secret weapon to finding your niche
  • Secret to painting fluffy clouds 

            Listen to Renee's interview:

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