E68 :: Amy Stewart & Staying true to your artist-self

E68 :: Amy Stewart & Staying true to your artist-self

What if you are more than just one thing? What if you're a writer and also an artist? Is there a rule that says you should be confined to do or create only one thing?

Our guest Amy Stewart demystifies this notion. She's a certified artist, speaker, and published author of over a dozen books with four NY bestsellers under her belt; she is an advocate of pursuing your interest and curiosity; Amy Stewart is definitely more than just one thing.

Listen as we discuss :

  • Practical and portable ways to set up your art supplies while travelling/outdoors
  • How exploring different mediums can lead to endless creative possibilities
  • Having two levels of sketchbook to address the fear of a blank canvas
  • How to draw, sketch without overthinking
  • Algorithms don't define who you are as an artist
  • Capturing the trivial and mundane to translate into an exciting piece of art.

    Listen to Amy's interview:

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