E50 :: Ânia Marcos & The Making Of 'Make More Art' Podcast

E50 :: Ânia Marcos & The Making Of 'Make More Art' Podcast

We reached episode 50, so this calls for a special commemoration…

Today, Artist and Engineer Uma Kelkar takes the hosting seat to interview me - your host, Ânia! 

From my personal art and professional journey, to Etchr’s own story, this episode will take you through time and shine a new light on why art has the power to make the world a better place.

Joins us today as we discuss:

  • Ânia’s journey (and how she ended up at Etchr);
  • How Etchr differs from other art brands.
  • Why and how this podcast came to life;
  • How to stop yourself from quitting art;
  • Balancing work, art, and family life;
  • …and one productivity tip to kickstart your day with plenty of positivity! 

    Listen to my interview:

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      - Ânia

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